Sabbath Greetings for 10 - 2000

Sabbath Greetings for 10- 7 -00   Day of Atonement

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Dear Friends in Yahshua,

We’ll be observing the Day of Atonement tomorrow (first day of the week)

We may know this day by the Hebrew name which is Yom Kippur

kippur, kip-poor'; (from kaphar); expiation: -- atonement.

kaphar, kaw-far'; a primary root meaning to cover;
figuratively to expiate or condone, to placate or cancel:  appease, make
atonement, cleanse, forgive, be merciful, pardon, purge (away), put off, reconcile

The scripture says in Leviticus 23:27 we are to afflict our souls on that day.
The ancient tradition is that we do that by fasting.
We will not eat or drink anything from sunset after Sabbath until the next evening.
Literally, the word ‘atonement’ means to abase yourself,
or to afflict, chasten self, deal hardly with, defile, exercise,
humble (self), hurt, ravish, submit self, weaken.

What is the purpose of this fast?
Why would Yahweh tell us to hurt ourselves in this way?

I believe the fasting  is to underscore
the importance of the day and its meaning.

When we fast, several things happen.
First, if we are not used to fasting, the hunger starts to hurt a little.
By the end of the twenty-four hours seems to get very hungry wherever I am.

Another thing that happens to a fasting person is
that they begin to have a clearer mind.
The longer we fast, the more noticeable this effect is,
(up to a certain limit where the brain just runs out of energy).
This is one of the reasons to fast when you have
an important decision to make.

When we are fasting is a good time to pray.
The communication with Yahweh seems to open noticeably.

Fasting helps us to remember that we are human beings,
very physical and limited by this body in which we dwell.

We understand better our weak and fleshly nature and
that we need Yahweh’s grace to cover our sins.
We humble ourselves before Yahweh.

On the Day of Atonement is the only time in the Torah that we see
ALL the sins of someone forgiven.
ALL the people have ALL their sins forgiven!

Leviticus 16:21-22  "Aaron shall lay both his hands on the head of the live goat,
confess over it all the iniquities of the children of Israel,
and ALL their transgressions,
concerning ALL their sins,
putting them on the head of the goat,
and shall send it away into the wilderness by the hand of a suitable man.
22. "The goat shall bear on itself ALL THEIR INIQUITIES
to an uninhabited land; and he shall release the goat in the wilderness.

Leviticus 16:30-34  "For on that day the priest shall make atonement for you,
to cleanse you, that you may be clean from ALL your sins before Yahweh.
31. "It is a Sabbath of solemn rest for you,
and you shall afflict your souls. It is a statute forever.
32. "And the priest, who is anointed and consecrated
to minister as priest in his father's place, shall make atonement,
and put on the linen clothes, the holy garments;
33. "then he shall make atonement for the Holy Sanctuary,
and he shall make atonement for the tabernacle of meeting
and for the altar, and he shall make atonement for the priests
and for ALL THE PEOPLE of the assembly.
34. "This shall be an everlasting statute for you,
to make atonement for the children of Israel,
And he [Moses] did as Yahweh commanded Moses.

The Day of Atonement pictures Yahshua
going before Yahweh with the sacrifice of his own body and blood
to atone for all the sins of his brethren.

At that time, just after the first resurrection,
the saints will come with Yahshua before Yahweh and,
having all their sins taken away,
they can enter into the fullness of the promises of the new covenant,
will become children of the most high,
and will sin no more!

Friends, may Yahweh bless you on this Sabbath Day
and on the high day of Yom Kippur

We’ll be observing the Feast of Tabernacles for the next two Sabbaths and
I doubt that we will have the opportunity to send Sabbath Greetings.
Many readers will be at the Feast anyway. We hope to see you there.
May Yahweh bless you during the Feast and return us all home safely.

Shabbat Shalom from Tom and Cathy

Sabbath Greetings for 10-28-00  FOT Report

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Dear Friends in Yahshua,

Feast of Tabernacles Report:

We spent this FOT in Rocheport, Missouri, as we have for the last 11 years.
We love the people there and have not found another congregation
with whom we agree in so many areas.
I’d like to give you a feeling of what our Feast was like.

It’s hard to tell what is the most rewarding part of the Feast.
Is it the fellowship with brothers and sisters in our spiritual family?
Is it studying questions about the scriptures with a number of
knowledgeable students of the word?
Or is it the messages prepared for the congregation?

I can’t decide.

We met several new families who had not been to Rocheport for a FOT before.
In some cases I think they will be friends for a long time.
It’s not easy to find someone who believes like we do in most areas and
is also emotionally compatible.
We hold them as a treasure when we find them.

Some of the questions we discussed in Bible studies were:
What are the requirements to be baptized?
Is baptism required for salvation? In what manner?
Who can baptize someone?
What does it mean when it says Elohim is one?
What is the relationship of the New and the Old Testaments?
Why was the Melchizedek priesthood stopped?

Perhaps we will discuss some of these questions in future Sabbath Greetings.

Some ideas from the more interesting messages were:

Yahshua is our vine (John 15:1-7) and our head (Colossians 2:19).

We should strive to be a source of joy to Yahweh (Deuteronomy 5:29).

Faith expresses itself through love (Galatians 5:6b, 1 John 4:8).
Galatians 5:22-23 shows the fruit of the Spirit.
All of these things together makes the one fruit.

That which dwells within you is stronger than the flesh! (1 Cor 1:25).

Be righteous with Yahweh’s help (Romans 12:1-2)

We receive things from Yahweh’s Holy Days that can NEVER come from pagan holidays.

OVERALL - the theme of the feast messages seemed to be:
This is a worthy subject for study.
We will certainly be visiting it in future Sabbath Greetings, Yahweh willing.

Friends, may Yahweh bless you with shalom to the brethren,
and love with faith, from Yahweh the Father
and the Master Yahshua the Messiah (Ephesians 6:23) on this Sabbath Day.

Shabbat Shalom from Tom and Cathy

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