Sacred Name Bibles

Receive the great blessing of reading a Bible with Yahweh's name in the text as it was originally written.
Get more of the feeling of the original text and draw closer to your Creator as you use His great name.
These Bibles use the original names 'Yahweh' for the Creator and 'Yahshua' for our Savior.
The Heb. elohim is not translated as god but is transliterated as 'elohim'. (Transliterated means that the original language's word sound has been reproduced in the new language's characters.)
Bible Name Source Soft 
Leather Web 
Bethel Edition
Assemblies of Yahweh
P. O. Box C 
Bethel, PA 19507
For online information:
The Bethel Edition is based on the AMERICAN STANDARD VERSION 1901.
It is the easiest reading of these Bibles.
THE WORD OF YAHWEH The Assembly of Yahweh 
1017 N. Gunnell Road 
Eaton Rapids, MI 48827
N/A [$25 
plus $4]
plus $4 (bonded)
For online information:
THE WORD OF YAHWEH is based on the KJV.
It has an explanation of the criteria for the use of "Yahweh" and "Yahshua" in the New Testament.
There are some study and translation footnotes. OT references in the NT are footnoted.
THE SCRIPTURES Institute for Scripture Research 
P.O. Box 1830 
Northriding;  2162 South Africa
$20 $30 
plus $3.00
plus $6.00
For online information:
THE SCRIPTURES uses modern Hebrew letters for the Sacred Names to avoid questions of English spelling/pronunciation. The books of the Old Testament are arranged in the traditional Hebraic order.
Hebrew Names (books, people and places) are transliterated and may seem very unfamiliar.
Between changing the names of the books and changing the order, it can be difficult at first to find a book.
Available in LARGE PRINT editions at $45 (hard) and $90 (leather).
You may also read the Bible with the sacred names at the following two sites:

NOTE: Each of these Bibles has been faithful to the original documents and can be trusted as scripture.
Any material outside the scripture text is the work of men and should be taken as such.
I do not necessarily endorse the groups that have published these editions nor all of their doctrines or practices but I do recommend all of these Bibles.
No other Sacred Name Bibles are recommended. Some have known errors.

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